Clean and Healthy Drinking Water

Providing for those who need it most, creating a sustainable future

A South African solution, based on international best practices and technology


Aquanaut Solar Water Systems is a South African based company, whose mission is to be successful by effectively utilizing the philosophies of high quality, advanced techniques, and customer service in the provision of accessible clean drinking water for welfare and sanitation of the most vulnerable in Africa.

Over the past three years, Aqua4life has worked very hard to build its infrastructure and the systems to handle a significant amount of business. We have worked aggressively on the awareness of contaminated water, the environmental impact of bottled water and the lack of accessibility to adequate water by many of the populations in 3rd world countries.

The company has designed machines and automated systems that are ready for prototype testing and manufacture. To compliment this, we have developed strong working relationship with strategic partners and plan to further this area throughout Africa to offer Governments/ customers value-added improvements and vertically-integrate the business to support these improvements.


Aquanaut Features 1


The Aquanaut system is fully modular and can be adapted to fit a wide range of use cases. Aquanaut can be used as a stand-alone or multiple units connected in series, dependent on use case.

  • Rural, provide users with 50 - 10 000 litres per day
  • Home, provide users with 20 - 25 litres per day when placed in/on domestic roof
  • Medical, provide ultra clean water for any sterile operations/procedures
  • Agriculture, clean water can maximize ROI and yield for agricultural applications
Aquanaut Features 2

Power Technology

Solar, the Aquanaut system can be powered by solar cells that can allow the usage of the system in remote unpowered areas whilst reducing the overall carbon footprint.

Wind, through our partnership with Transwind the Aquanaut system can be powered by a modular turnkey wind energy solution, allowing the end user to install prefabricated wind turbines with low cost and simplified maintenance.

Aquanaut Features 3

Water Quality

Aquanaut is a distillation water system; distilled water can be used without limitation for any usage for drinking/technical or medical usage.

  • Taste, distilled water carries no foul taste
  • Fouling, scaling and bacteria, prevents contaminates passing through the system
  • Migration of chemicals, Aquanaut is made of food grade materials
  • Remineralization, minerals are reintroduced into the treated water
Aquanaut Features 4


Aquanaut uses a regenerator that alters the chemistry of the treated water. By a process of alkalising, oxygenating, dechlorinating, and softening the water overall taste is improved and heavy metals are eliminated.

The regenerator affects the microbiology of the treated water by removing and inhibiting the growth of harmful pathogens. Increasing safety and efficacy in industrial applications.


No Moving Parts

No Crossover

Gravity Fed


Food Grade Materials


15+ Year Lifespan

Low Maintenance



State of the Art

Minimal Training

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