Providing Safe and Clean Drinking Water

Develop, Impact, Sustain, Innovate.

Aqua4Life is committed to the goal of basic disease prevention and other vector-bourne diseases


We at Aqua4life Holdings Pty Ltd are committed to the goal of basic disease prevention by providing safe drinking water and protection from malaria and other vector-borne diseases. We have turned our commitment into action by innovating technological breakthroughs for the most vulnerable people on earth, with our products. These innovations will have the potential to revolutionise health management as we know it, fighting preventable diseases and putting an end to the needless suffering of millions.

In making this commitment, we managed to turn humanitarian responsibility into core business. Strong support of the Millennium Development Goals, particularly reducing child mortality and reducing the number of people without access to safe drinking water, is a defining characteristic of our companies. This is a large part of what makes us different. We innovate for the developing world. We firmly believe that companies must look beyond their legal obligations to proactively influence issues that affect people and the planet.

That it’s not just the goal of our business, but also how we do business, that matters. Looking forward to 2020 post the pandemic, Aqua4Life is very excited about several initiatives we’re undertaking to become better corporate citizens. Anti-corruption measures remain firmly in place, and we hope to diversify our workforce even further as we go about hiring in the future.

Through Aqua4Life Holdings, products will now become available and the roll out and delivery is always dependent of the goodwill and ability of both GOVT and corporate business to partner with us in this new and exciting chapter. The wellbeing of people is extremely important, and we look forward to achieving that in both our business objectives and our approach to reaching them.

2 000 000 000

People without access to clean drinking water

485 000

Water bourne disease deaths per year

50 %

Global population living in water stressed areas


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Product Innovation

With a large portion of the 3rd world living without basic access to clean and safe drinking water. It is our intention to innovate and lead the field in developing sustainable water filtration solutions. From design to implementation.

  • Locate
  • Produce
  • Design
  • Implement
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Humanitarian Aid

There are 750 000 000 people in the world without access to basic drinking water, Aqua4Life aims to facilitate in the implementation of reusable water filtration systems that can leverage any source to provide those in need with clean and safe drinking water.

Aqua4Life believes that implementation is not enough, it is essential that communities are armed with the basic skills to identify potential hazards and have the knowledge to leverage technologies without external input.

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Pollution is one of the leading causes of water contamination inside marginalized communities, it is imperative that any technologies that are implemented are built on international sustainability best practices and standards.

  • Reduce plastic pollution
  • Eliminate one time use plastics
  • Establish a more sustainable future
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Business for Good

Aqua4Life aims to provide a path for maximizing shareholder value and increasing returns while following a sustainable and ethical business model. Enriching communities, establishing foundations for our future generations.

Good Business, Business for Good


2013 - Aqua4Life established

A South African company that has taken over the implementation and distribution of all Lifestraw products both Humanitarian and Retail.

2014 - Aqua4Life & Lifestraw

With the help of Rotary Int, Human Moments, GIZ, US Aid and Corporate SA. Aqua4Life aims to reduce the scourge of water borne disease by introducing Lifestraw to Southern Africa.

Aqua4Life & Seychelle

Aqua4Life takes on the Seychelle Water Filtration for distribution. Bringing personal water filtration bottles to those in need. Lifestraw distribution terminated.

2017 - Customer Value Leadership Award

Award given for Customer Value Leadership in the Water Sanitation industry by the Frost & Sullivan business and consulting firm.

2017 - Small Business Startup Awards

Aqua4Life reaches the final stage in the Small Business Startup Awards hosted by Nedbank, one of largest banks in South Africa

2018 - Aquanaut development

The concept and design of the aquanaut water filtration system is created by Nico Germishuizen. Leveraging international standards and best practices

2019 - Energy Innovator Awards

Aqua4Life wins the Energy Innovator Awards, hosted by CV Magazine. In the category of Leading Providers of Renewable Water Distillation Solutions - Southern Africa

2020 - Pandemic

Aqua4Life establishes Cangonamix, in order to facilitate with supplying of essential hydro, PPE and medical equipment in our post COVID world.

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