1. Health first:       The LifeStraw® provides cleaner and safer drinking water than tap, stream/ river, dam or bottled water, preventing 99.9999% illness from bacteria and water borne diseases (SABS tested).
  1. Be good to the environment:     Lessen your personal Carbon footprint emissions by reducing usage of plastic bottles of water. 1 LifeStraw® = 1000 litres of water = 2160 water bottles of plastic waste!
  1. Pocket saver:     One LifeStraw® is the equivalent of 2160 bottles of water, which equals an average saving of R15120.00 per LifeStraw®.
  1. Travel Safely:    According to recent research by the Travellers Medical and Vaccination centre – more than 50% of travellers report some kind sickness when travelling; around 40% of travellers report Diarrhoea; nearly 18% of travellers lose at least 1 day of their trip to illness and almost 4% lose 4 days or more to illness.
  2. Energy saver:     LifeStraw® requires no electrical power or batteries.
  1. Do good:              For every LifeStraw® purchased Verstergaard (the holding company) ensures clean drinking water for a child in Africa for the period of one year!