(Cape Town, March 2014) Aqua4Life, the official distributors of LifeStraw® in RSA, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Transkei and Swaziland, has recently joined forces with BrandVan and Red Carpet Concepts, to oversee the implementation, distribution and awareness of the product’s humanitarian and retail availability.

LifeStraw® is an international water filtration range of products from Verstergaard Frandsen, a Swiss-based company committed to improving the health of vulnerable people.

This chemical free, multi-award winning, micro-filtration system instantly converts contaminated water into safe drinking water, removing up to 99.99999% of bacteria, protozoan cysts and turbidity from the water (Internationally and SABS tested).

The product range is being made available to the South African retail market in the forms of LifeStraw® Personal (filters up to 1000litres), LifeStraw® Go (filters up to 1000litres) and LifeStraw® Home unit (filters up to 4500litres). Each product offers environmentally friendly, cost and energy saving solutions. Upon purchase of any LifeStraw® product, Vestergaard contributes clean water for a child in Africa for the period of one year through their humanitarian Social Responsibility program.

Aqua4Life, a South African based PTY Company has also partnered with various other service providers including Rotary Int. (Clean Water & Sanitation), University of Johannesburg (Water & Health Research), Human Moments and supplies humanitarian products (filtering up to 100,000litres) to Southern African Governments, GIZ, US Aid, Red Cross, WHO as well as partnering with Corporate SA via CSI funding initiatives to implement clean water solutions to those who most need it.

Brand and Portfolio Managers, BrandVan, will be executing the retail division of Aqua4Life, and Red Carpet Concepts will run the PR, social media, advertising and special events component, alongside BrandVan, to ensure swift, smooth and sustainable communications on behalf of Aqua4Life.