LifeStraw® Home

Clean, Germ-Free, Filtered Water for the Home

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The newest LifeStraw® product available to the public is LifeStraw® Home, a counter top filter that is perfect for the supply of clean water for homes and businesses, and can be used in both humanitarian aid and domestic use.

LifeStraw® Home is ideal if local water is of poor quality or for disaster response for households or emergency accommodation centres.

  • Compliant with stringent WHO and US-EPA standards and uses raw materials which are US Food and Drug Administration compliant
  • Has a capacity of 18 Litres & ensures immediate access to purified water via the 9 litre built-in safe storage container
  • Removes: 99.9999% of bacteria (>LOG 6 reduction)
  • Removes: 99.99% of viruses (>LOG 4 reduction)
  • Removes: 99.99% of protozoan parasites (>LOG 4 reduction)
  • Turbidity, removes suspended particles larger than 0.02 microns
  • Chlorine and trace chemicals from Household water
  • NO electrical power, batteries or replacement parts
  • Requires NO running water or piped-in water supply
  • Uses no chemicals for filtration
  • Has extremely long life of 4500 Lt – lowest cost per litre of water compared to other bench filters
  • Replacement filters are available
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